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2010 Colts Preseason: Bill Polian discusses 37-17 loss to 49ers

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Well, I've been waiting for the Colts, or possibly Indianapolis radio station 1070 The Fan, to put up Bill Polian's interview from yesterday after the Colts first preseason game on their sites . But, since it's now almost 1pm Eastern and almost a full 24 hours after the interview happened, I don't think either one are going to post the Colts President's thoughts on the game. Therefore, I have to provide you the highlights from memory:

  • Polian liked the play of Marlon Favorite, Blair White, and Fili Moala for the game. All stood out for him. There might have been a few more players named, but those were the ones I remembered. 
  • Regarding quarterback Curtis Painter and his dreadful performance, Polian said Painter got little help from teammates, referencing some of Taj Smith's drops. He also said one of the INTs was not his fault, and the fumble wasn't his fault. I agree on the fumble. That's on Mitch King for not exiting the backfield correctly and bumping into Painter. However, I've re-watched all three INTs. All three are Painter's fault.
  • Polian sounded very down about Jaime Silva's knee injury. Silva might be done.
  • Bob Sanders will play this Thursday against the Buffalo Bills.

If anyone else heard is interview and can remember any details, toss them into the comments. I'm not sure, but I do not think the Bill Polian Show returns tonight. There is no info on the show at HANK FM's website.