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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from the twenty-first practice (Aug. 16) UPDATE Offense wins bowling tournament... we think

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The Colts returned to the University of Anderson today after looking both sharp and flat in their 37-17 preseason debut against the 49ers on Sunday. At 4pm today they held a practice, but no one I know attended it. I'm not seeing Phil Wilson Tweeting about it, which leads me to believe it was another generic walk through. If you or someone you know was there, shoot us details in the comments.

[UPDATE]: Monday's 4pm practice was indeed a walk through.

Even though we don't know the details of today's practice, we do know what the team did after practice.


Javarris James, via Twitter:

@ the bowling alley got this Offense vs Defense show show winner get ipads.

Ervin Baldwin, via Twitter:

Bowling game today the whole team offense vs defense whoever wins gets Ipads!

Cody Glenn, via Twitter:

Defense bout to smash the O at the bowling alley, iPad boyzzzzzz lol

Robert Mathis, via Twitter:

Somebody hurry up and transport a 300 bowling game to my body rite quick!!!!

Curtis Painter, via Twitter*:

I think I just threw an interception... and I'm bowling right now

I'll be rooting for the defense. Players on that side of the ball Tweet more than the offense.


*The Painter one is fake. Honest.

[UPDATE]: Pat McAfee, via Twitter:

4728-4791 in favor of the offense at halftime.. Peyton rigged this sh*t

[UPDATE #2]: By how Robert Mathis makes it sound, it appears the offense won:

This is some bull........cheated again!