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Keeping it in the Colts family

While I am getting Tweets and email from people attending the final night scrimmage for the Colts 2010 training camp, I kind of wanted to highlight this little feel good story of the day.

As some of you might know, former-Colts punt returner and corner T.J. Rushing has been out of work since the Colts did not pick up his tender in March. He made the news a few weeks later when he offered to wash dishes at a restaurant in exchange for a free meal. This wasn't done because Rushing was broke or anything that desperate (the dishwasher up and quit on the job, and T.J. stepped in and offered to help the restaurant), but some suggested it was a sign of hard times for T.J.

Well, today, T.J. Tweeted that he was signed by the Lions. Almost immediately after it happened, you started seeing current Colts players like Pat McAfee Tweeting back their congratulations. We saw the same type of support for Raheem Brock last week. When he signed with the Titans after several months of nothing, you had people like Robert Mathis, the before-mentioned T.J. Rushing, and Ervin Baldwin sending him Tweets of encouragement. Ervin's Tweet was especially telling:

congrats big homie learn a lot from you

It's just kind of neat to see former Colts looking out for each other. It's also nice to see a good guy like T.J. get another opportunity. I hope it works out for him in Detroit.