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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from the twenty-third practice (Aug. 17)

Tonight was the twenty-third practice for the 2010 Indianapolis Colts at the University of Anderson. It was also the final night scrimmage (the last of three offered at camp), and Colts fans turned out in droves. It's only fitting that both Eric Hartz of and Brett Mock of Coltzilla were there to Tweet all of the scrimmage goodness.

Side note before we get into the details (skip all this if you don't want to read me praising Brett Mock and Eric Hartz); I'd like to thank everyone who sent me emails, made FanPosts, and Tweeted their experience at training camp. A special thank you goes to Eric and Brett. Their Tweets from camp were essential reading; more so than anything written by Peter King, Paul Kuharsky, or anyone else.

  • Not practicing this evening were Ramon Humber, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, Keyunta Dawson, Jaimie Thomas, Kyle DeVan, Adam Terry, and Jerraud Powers.
  • Starting offensive line: Tony Ugoh, Adrian Martinez, Jamey Richard, Mike Pollak, Ryan Diem.
  • Both Mitch King and Eric Foster worked at fullback. Neither impressed.
  • Interesting Tweet from Eric for the Tom Brandstater fans: "First unit d looked pretty good. On final play Mathis and Muir pressure Brandstater. Tom throws into a crowd. Painter-esque." Interesting that Brandstater is working against first unit defense.
  • Tom Hiller made a few nice throws to tight ends Jacob Tame and Colin Coherty.
  • Anthony Gonzalez looks healthy (again) and sharp.
  • Philip Wheeler made an interception. Guess who it was against?
  • Answer: Curtis Painter.
  • Sam Giguere still dropping catchable balls.
  • Prior to the Wheeler INT, Painter was looking good.
  • Fili Moala continuing to impress. Strong practices mixed with an excellent start to preseason for him. 
  • Brandon James and Ray Fisher practiced punt returns. Giguere and Devin Moore worked on kick returns.
  • Robert Mathis with tremendous rush against Peyton Manning. Would have had two sacks.
  • Speaking of Mathis: "I wanna be the 1st to say that Anderson Indiana loves their Colts. thanx for all the love yall showed.....We Noticed!"