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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football 2010 - Relegation Style

It's once again time to fire up the Mock Drafts, figure out how early to take a QB, and laugh at the guy taking a Kicker in the 9th round:  it's Fantasy Football time!

Like last year, we'll be running 4 leagues, but this year we'll be running it relegation style, based on how people finished last season.  For those of you who played last season, expect an email from either shake or myself to join a Yahoo! league.  I'll be running the A League, and the D League, while shake will have the B and C Leagues.

As of now, we aren't entirely sure of how many spots will be available, but there will be some.  It looks like there were 3 people already to mentioned they were interested in this thread, but there should be more than that.  We'll keep everyone updated on how many spots are available, but please express your interest in joining the league in the comments.  You'll be contacted via the email address you used to sign up for the site.

Also, after the jump is an opportunity to help me with some other Stampede Blue contests...

My workload has gone up a little bit for this coming season, but I want to keep the Picks Contest we've been doing the past 2 seasons going, so I'm looking for somebody to help me out with the Contest.  Here's what you'll need to be able to do:

  • Have a good grasp of web programming.  I'm not going to have time to explain what a CSS file is, or how to add classes, so you need to know what you're doing without much guidance.
  • Familiar with Excel 2007.  I'll be sending you what I did last year, so you can see exactly what I did.  Should be easy to replicate for 2010.
  • Familiar with Creating Forms in Google Docs.  This is pretty minor, as it is really easy to do.
  • Willing to commit to doing this throughout the entire season, working with a deadline (Wednesday afternoons).  This is the most important factor, as I don't feel the need to babysit whoever does it.

If you're interested please shoot me an email (found at bottom of the page).