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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Seventeen

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (8/17/2010)

On rookies and playing on the road:

I think in the preseason it is always said, that you want to experience as many things as possible in the games. A road game, the crowd noise, all of those types of things, especially for those guys that will be playing, the more you can put them through in the preseason and in practice, out here in these scrimmages, the better served they are going to be. There is always going to be a change when it actually is the regular season. I have always said there are three different phases of football; preseason, regular season and then post-season. I think it will be a good test, and I don’t really know what kind of crowd to expect up there in Toronto, but it will be good for those guys.

On wide receiver Austin Collie making 'second year jump':

One of the things we look at overall is how he practices, how he is in meetings, a grasp of the offense, performance is obviously key as well. So all of those things are taken into consideration, and when it comes down to it we’ll make a decision at the end after we’ve had an opportunity to look at all parties involved.

On Tom Brandstater's development:

He is working hard. He hasn’t been here as long as the other guys have, but it looks like he has spent some time of his own in the classroom. I know like Curtis (Painter) and Tim (Hiller), the more repetitions he gets, the better off he’ll be. This is a repetition offense. Learning in the classroom or the sidelines is one thing, but the more reps you get the better served you will be. All the reps those guys can get in practice in these preseason games, those are very valuable.

Colts head coach Jim Caldwell (8/17/2010)

On o-lineman Jacques McClendon:

Yes, he looked pretty good. I’ll get a chance to look at the film and get a really good look at him, but he looked like he was moving around well and he did a nice job.

On special teams returner Brandon James returning kicks this past Sunday:

I think he did a decent job. He still has a ways to go, but we are certainly pleased with where he is at this point. It’s a work in progress.

On back-up quarterback Curtis Painter taking heat from last Sunday's game:

First of all, some of the heat is unfair. I do think he’s working and getting better and I do believe it’s part of the process. Also the position that he plays oftentimes gets too much praise when you win and do well and too much criticism when things don’t go well because it all falls on him. There were certainly a lot of other factors involved in his playing the other day. He’ll handle it. He’s a tough-minded guy. It’s all part of the position.