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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from the twenty-third and final practice (Aug. 18)

This Tweet from Jerraud Powers summed it up simply:

Camp is OVER

Pat McAfee seemed to get a little weepy, posting a pic of his dorm room on the last day of camp. You might recall that he did the same thing on the first day of camp seventeen long days ago.

Today's practice was a walk through, preparing the team for tomorrow night's preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. After the walk through, the Colts broke camp. Players packed up their belongings, said goodbye to the University of Anderson staff, and headed back down to Indianapolis.

Covering training camp was fun this year, much more than in years past. With more players active on Twitter, and more Colts-dedicated sites and blogs present, we seemed to get much more information from Anderson than we ever got from Terre Haute. Part of that is Anderson's closer proximity to Indy. In terms of logistics and time, it's just easier to drive up 69 to Anderson (45 minutes from Indy) than to take 70 two plus hours down to Terre Haute.

Fans in general loved the experience. According to Phil Wilson, 88,800 people attended 25 training camp practices (I guess we missed two in our coverage, didn't we). 9,500 showed up on the last night for the final team scrimmage of camp. That's quite a feat.

Now that camp is over, the question is, how did we do? How did Stampede Blue do covering camp? One of the goals going in was to make this place Colts Camp Central. Any and all team or player news, whether it was Charlie Johnson hurting his ankle or Philip Wheeler posting pictures of food, we covered it. If there was something we missed, or if an element of camp was not given the attention it deserved, let us know in the comments. Whatever you tell us will go to improving our camp coverage next season.

Go Colts!