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Breaking: Brian Cushing still a cheater, still suspended first four games of the 2010 NFL season

I'm admit I'm extreme in this regard, but the excuse making many people have done for Brian Cushing has been pretty damned sickening. I have no sympathy for cheaters, and neither should you. That's just my personal take on cheaters in general. The basic tenant of any game is that the playing field be as even as possible based on the rules. If you break those rules to gain a competitive advantage, you're a disgrace to the game itself.

Self righteous? Sure. But, for me, sports is more than just American Idol style entertainment.

So, when Brian Cushing was suspended for having elevated levels of testosterone in his system, a sign he had taken the illegal Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the red letter of "cheater" became permanently branded to his forehead. Since then, all manner of people have pathetically tried to make excuses for Cushing's cheating, most visibly the "Cushing 18," the band of 18 sports writers who vote on the Associated Press's awards panel that refused to strip the Texans linebacker of his 2009 rookie of the Year award even though he had tested positive for HGH.

Recently, Texans owner Bob McNair went to Roger Goodell office and, for all intents and purposes, begged Goodell to rescind the suspension. Of course, McNair provided no real proof the positive test was anything other than a violation of NFL rules, but for many that didn't matter. It was simply "wrong" to suspend Brian Cushing, even though he had been indirectly accused of cheating since college.

Thankfully, in the eyes of the NFL and Roger Goodell, evidence trumped thoughtless idealism and excuse making. Today, the NFL announced that Cushing's case would not be reviewed.

NFL statement: "At the request of Texans owner Bob McNair, Commissioner Goodell reviewed additional medical information presented on behalf of Brian Cushing. The club and Cushing were notified today that after carefully considering all the information, including a review by outside medical experts, the commissioner finds no basis for changing the decision and that Mr. Cushing's suspension for the first four games of the regular season remains in place." End of statement.

Translation: Dear Brian Cushing, your excuses were completely full of sh*t. The four game suspension will happen. Thanks for trying to worm your way out of it, but cheating is cheating. See you in October.Sincerely, the NFL.

The Colts play the Texans in Week One of the 2010 NFL season. Brian Cushing will not play in that game, and for good reason.