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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day One

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning (8/1/2010)

On being back in Anderson:

I can tell you the truth, I really don’t remember much about coming to Anderson. It’s been a long time ago. I do remember when I drove up here. I drove with Bill Polian right after I signed my contract. This was the first time I made the drive by myself up here, but I always look forward to starting training camp. It is the beginning of a new season. And I talked to my dad on the way up here and it did not take quite as long as it did to get to Terre Haute. But I’m excited. I talked to a few of the players and I know they are all excited and we’re looking forward to going to work.

On the facilities in Anderson:

Like I said, I literally just pulled off the interstate and you all are the first people I stopped off to see. I have not seen it, but I’ve heard about it and I know Anderson’s spent a lot of time and money in helping to make this possible. I know our team is excited about being here and we expect to have a great training camp. Training camp is extremely important into getting us started out for the season on the right foot and the right note. It’s football, football, football mentally and physically. I know Bill Polian and the organization would not have made this move had Anderson not be up to speed on what all we need. I’m sure it will be great and we are excited to be here in Anderson.

On remembering much from Anderson, perspective on his career:

It means I’m getting up there for sure. It was such a whirlwind. I hated I missed three days of training camp and that was three pretty restless days. I remember finally, I think Marshall Faulk got me into training camp. He knocked knees with Kelly Holcomb in a practice. He said ‘Get Manning in here." I was on a plane to Indiana that night and into St. Elmo’s for a late dinner and went to sign my contract the next morning and then, like I said, Bill and I drove up here. Which was kind of an awkward conversation because Tom had shared some things that Bill had said about me in the negotiating process, which is usually how it works. Once I realized that once you sign a contract, everything said about you is over with now. Still, it was kind of an awkward conversation riding up here with Bill. I was ready just to go to work. I went straight into an old gym here, I don’t know if they still have it, where we used to have walk through. Is that still there? No air conditioning 12 years ago, we will see if that’s changed. I went right into the walk through and I remember Tom Moore putting me right in there with the first group. I remember that and kind of thought I missed three days and maybe they will kind of work me in. He said ’You’re in their with the first group,’ and we were kind of on from there. It truly was about football then and that’s what it is now. I think some things will kind of come back to me, but it was such a whirlwind back in 1998, my mind was just swirling pretty good. I remember I did have to sing Rocky Top, which I really try to forget that. I think everyone would like to try to. It was not very memorable.

On any Super Bowl hangover history:

I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that I think this team has had a really good off-season. We’ve had outstanding attendance, good productive work on the field. I think the fact that maybe we’ve had some change there, like I said with Clyde taking over full time and Ron Turner, it has provided some newness and freshness to it if you will, and it’s kept guys engaged. It’s all we know to do is to go back and work hard again. I won’t say we are going to work harder because we’ve always worked hard. I think saying work harder means saying you didn’t work hard enough. We are going to keep working very hard and hopefully we are going to take it one step further this year. But that sure is a long way away at this point. We are kind of one step at a time and Houston is one of the things on our mind, the opening game. But a lot of work to be done between now and then and I think one thing we’ve always done in years past whether finishing on top or finishing short is to put the previous season behind us. I think our players have been able to do that. I think that’s important and I don’t really believe in playing into the percentages of years past and what other teams have done. I recall that the percentages of the teams that went to Tokyo (for preseason games) always went 5-11, and that was fact. If you go to Tokyo and win more than five games, I think we went 14-2. So I’m not saying we are always defying the odds, but just because what’s happened in the past I don’t think that’s necessarily relevant. We are going to keep trying to do things the right way and hopefully we can have a good season.


Colts head coach Jim Caldwell (8/1/2010)

On if he has talked to any other coaches who have lost Super Bowls, or gotten any advice:

I have. For the most part I think it’s a wise thing to do to get a sense of something that you might be able to offset, but for the most part our team has been very good, outstanding at compartmentalizing. That’s one of the things that I think is the reason why we’ve been able to do well year in and year out. I’m not just talking about year in and year out; I’m talking about the week to week. I think that all of you who have been around our team recognize that even after a big win you really can’t tell by the temperament if they’ve won or lost. After a tough loss it’s a tough issue, and our guys have been able to separate those things and focus on the task at hand. You’ll see the same kind of approach this preseason.

On if Bob Sanders is healthy and will practice Monday:

Bob Sanders, when he was here in the spring, did a great job. He looked good and moved around well. So, I would fully anticipate that.

On if Jerry Hughes has signed:

Not yet, but we anticipate getting that done shortly. Our guys are working on the contract and we’ll get that done shortly.

On changes to the offensive coaching staff:

I think for the most part you’ll find that Clyde Christensen has taken over for Tom Moore in terms of play calling, but I think you’ll find the system will be pretty much the same. There will be a couple adjustments here and there but I think you’ll see the transition is very smooth. The same thing for Pete (Metzelaars) taking over for Howard (Mudd), the guy is doing a great job, adjusting well. Ron Turner has fit in nicely. Ron Prince has fit in nicely. Now we have a chance to crystallize things during preseason so we can get to work here in a couple of weeks.