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Colts rookie tight end Brody Eldridge sits out first practice at training camp

Thanks to Eric Hartz, we have our first updates from Colts training camp in Anderson. Remember the days of getting camp updates the next day in the newspaper? Gone! Everything is instant now. Instant information, all the time. I love it!

One interesting instant update from the miracle invention known as "Twitter" is that Colts fifth-round pick Brody Eldridge sat out the first practice today. No reason was given for Eldridge watching practice. The one thing we can likely ascertain is that Eldridge is not seriously injured, or out for the long-term. When asked about who was listed on the team's Physically Unable to Participate list (or PUP), Colts head coach Jim Caldwell said:

"At the moment we’re pretty healthy and I hope we stay that way."

I think this is a first! I cannot remember the last time the Colts went into camp without anyone, not one person, on the team's PUP list.

If that's the case, we should expect to see Eldridge perhaps in the afternoon practice or sometime tomorrow. The Colts expect big things from Eldridge in 2010. He was drafted to play H-Back, which is more akin to a natural fullback position than tight end. Eldridge played offensive center in college as well as tight end. He is a tremendous in-line blocker.

3,000 people attended today's morning practice. 3,000! Yeah, moving camp to Anderson was a smart idea.