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2010 Colts Training Camp: MORE Notes from first practice (Aug. 2nd)

Because you can never get too much of a good thing, Eric Hartz gives us more of his keen observations from the first practice of camp. Two paragraphs of his lengthy article caught my eye:

Mitch King also made a nice pass rush against the second-team line, breaking through for what would have been a sack on Curtis Painter. Painter made some bad throws early, including one at Javarris James' feet, but seemed to settle down later in seven-on-seven drills. The difference between Manning and all the other quarterbacks is significant, though, even in practice.


While [rookie] Brandon James did struggle a bit, that's to be expected for a rookie in his first week. When he did have the ball in his hands on a couple of punt returns, he looked electric, with quick cuts and great acceleration in the open field.

I strongly suggest you head to are read the rest of Eric's article, especially you crazy fans of Dudley Guice, Gijon Robinson, and Jamey Richard.