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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from the second practice (Aug. 2nd)

The Colts have used afternoon practices to focus a bit on special teams play since Tony Dungy became the head coach in 2002. Jim Caldwell has continued that model going into his second team training camp as head coach. For today's afternoon practice, the real story was who was going to work as the return specialist on punts and kicks.

Answer: Everyone!

Notes after the jump...

From Eric Hartz:

  • No less than ten different players participated as returners on punt and kick return drills. Austin Collie, Blair White, Mike Hart, Brandon King, Jamie Silva, and possibly Ray Fisher returned punts. Meanwhile, Devin Moore, Anthony Gonzalez, Blair White (again), Brandon James, and possibly Samuel Giguere returned punts. To say the punt and kick returning jobs are "open" is a serious understatement.
  • Pat McAfee's punts in the morning practice were ugly. In the afternoon, he was booming.
  • During drill work, the wideout order was Reggie Wayne, Collie, Gonzo, Pierre Garçon, Taj Smith, Giguere, Blair White, Brandon James, and Dudley Guice.
  • Donald Brown had a nice run.
  • Joseph Addai sat out afternoon practice.
  • Manning looked sharp. He kinda always does. 
  • Kelvin Hayden was getting frustrated with Pierre Garçon because Garcon was shaking him pretty good.
  • Jeff Saturday and Ryan Diem sat out.
  • Bob Sanders sat out the afternoon practice.
  • Gonzo beat Lacey on a long ball reception. Gonzo and Manning connected on several deep balls.  Gonzo also caught a TD later in practice.
  • Colts defense doing more "interesting" stunts.
  • Pat Angerer looked good, penetrating the line and disrupting a Mike Hart run.
  • Curtis Painter looked better in 4 on 4 drills.

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