LovinBlue's Impressions of the Colts-Bills Game

I had to watch the game on broadcast delay, and captured the following thoughts without the benefit of participating in any open threads or other discussions. My big takeaway was that if there was ever a game that illustrated that even the greatest QB in the league can’t do it on his own, it was this one. I know it’s the preseason. I know that our O-Line is patched together worse than a MacGyver concoction. But really – if this had been a regular season game, against the Bills’ first stringers the entire game, I don’t have confidence that the Colts would have won.

Thankfully there are 2 more weeks to gel as a team, and 3 more weeks for CJ and Saturday to heal. In the meantime, my thoughts:

  • Ah… it’s good to have Ugoh back at LT – looks like he’s picked up at least one of Tarik Glenn’s habits…
  • What the hell is Peyton Manning doing chasing down a defender after an INT? in the pre-season?!?!
  • Do my eyes deceive me, or did Devin Moore actually get the ball past the 20 yard line? Consistently?!?!
  • Did Painter get… his first touchdown?
  • Now I am starting to understand what they’ve been saying about the chemistry between Curtis Painter and Taj Smith – well done, guys!
  • The #23 jersey is cursed – no matter the wearer, the coverage will be soft, like Charmin
  • Was Caldwell never issued a red challenge flag for pre-season? C’mon, Coach, you need to practice everything in these four games!
  • A couple of close calls with McAfee – me NO likey
  • So much for Fisher as our returner – lulz
  • Follow-up thought on Moore – he will learn all too quickly that the head juke worked better in college than it will in the pros. It’s cute now, Moore, but it’s time to point your head forward and smash that gap!
  • Gawd I hate home-town broadcasts that aren’t the Colts’. And given that last week’s game was against the 49ers, I had to suffer through the local yokels then, too.
  • Brody Eldridge and Jacob Tamme are keepers; Honey Gijon not so much
  • Javarris James has the right… last name
  • I can’t really judge whether Hiller played better tonight than Brandstater did last week
  • The Colts’ defense looked pretty good tonight… I would know – it was out there a LOT
  • Case in point re: home-town broadcast – they suggested that if Joique Bell or Chad Simpson didn’t make the Bills, that perhaps the Colts would pick one of them up. It took a while for one of them to remember that Simpson was not re-signed by the Colts this year, and they clearly don’t understand what is wrong with the Colts’ running game.
  • Correction to above – the Colts’ defense looked pretty good until the last 5 minutes or so, when the steam just ran out
  • The new guy Skinner hits pretty hard
  • Did anyone else hope that they would send Manning out on the field with 1:49 left, down by 13?
  • I know it’s only pre-season, but it’s still disheartening to lose

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