Likes and Dislikes Colts v. Bills


1) Loved seeing Bullitt in at LB in what looked like a Nickel package to me. He and Sanders closed on the ball really well on the play I have in mind. Looks like Coyer is going to find a way to have Sanders, Bullitt, and Bethea on the field at the same time. LOVE THAT!

2) The Kickoff return team seemed to be blocking much better than we have seen in years. Yes, Moore looked great and his burst after the catch was great, but I think a lot of credit has to go to the blockers. I caught myself telling him to stay in the endzone a couple of times, but each time he made it to a better spot. Credit where it is due!

3) Seeing Eldridge and Tamme out running routes and catching passes for this offense was GREAT! I could not help but flashback to Dilger releasing off the line to get deep down the field. I would love to see the 2nd TE get free a couple times. That's an element that always seems to catch the opposition off guard.


1) CJ Spiller is going to be a great back in this league, but we made him look VERY good by missing tackles all night. The first TD had misses by three normally sure handed tacklers. I'm gonna chalk this one up to a pre-season thing. This is a defense that needs to tackle well.

2) I do not like seeing the DBs staring into the backfield and getting burned. I don't care if they have 14 Backs in the backfield. Know your responsibility and execute. I would love to see the coaches film on the long pass to Evans. It looked to me like Bethea bit on the playaction and Bullitt tried to jump an out route leaving Lacey and Hayden out to dry. Not a fan if that's what actually happened.

3) Pat McAfee seemed to take a long time to get the ball off his foot a couple times tonight. One time he was nearly blocked and the first punt out of the endzone seemed to sit there forever! I know it didn't lead to a block this time, but those have to get off quicker!

Bonus Dislike 4) Let me echo the sentiments laid out by LovinBlue about local broadcasts of any kind. I try to go with national media as much as possible. I read enough to know what the local people think of the Colts, I need to hear outside opinions. These guys didn't talk about anything but the Bills. We didn't get to see the tipped INT to see if it hit the ground. We didn't hear a word about Taj Smith getting mugged while making a great catch. As much as I love the Colts, I have to think that I would present things as fairly as I could. Maybe I'm wrong, but that was unbearable!

Players that Impressed:

Devin Moore (burst!), Terrail Lambert (he was EVERWHERE in the 2nd half), Eric Foster (still strange to see him at DE), Pat Angerer (ST coverage, flowing to the ball, shedding blocks)

Players that Didn't:

Ray Fisher (COME ON MAN!), Jeff Linkenbach (looking lost all night), Brandon James (dropping passes and fielding ill advised punts, no burst), Tim Hiller (internal clock, game management)

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