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Stampede Blue and Comcast NFL RedZone

As you know, Comcast sponsors Stampede Blue. They help us pay the bills, keeping our great commenting system churning and other key site features on the up-and-up. One of the products Comcast offers its subscribers in NFL RedZone, a channel designed to deliver the touchdowns and most important moments during all the Sunday afternoon games. I know a lot of people who had NFL RedZone last year. I have yet to hear anyone who didn't like it. RedZone offers:

  • NFL RedZone on Comcast is the most affordable way to see out-of-market NFL teams play every Sunday all season long
  • NFL RedZone lets fans see every touchdown from every NFL game, every Sunday afternoon – live in HD
  • NFL RedZone allows fans to avoid local blackouts and see key moments from every single NFL game every Sunday, regardless of where they live
  • NFL RedZone delivers hours of commercial-free, non-stop action from out-of-market games

For many of you who live outside the Indianapolis market, NFL RedZone is a good value.

Look, I'll be honest: I don't like pimping most products that SB Nation asks me to pimp. None of us NFL bloggers do. It's nothing against the companies who partner with us, or the difficult work SB Nation's ad people do. I understand that ads and corporate sponsorships pay the bills. In general, we fight not to have the blogs cluttered with too many ads because, as you all know, ads and commercials suck. But, the reality is ads and product placement keep the servers running. Thus, every once in a great while, there is a post like this one.

However, when it comes to NFL RedZone, I don't mind giving it some happy praise. It's a good product and lots of people really like it. It's relevant to the blog (watching the RedZone feeds is helpful to someone like me who does not have Direct TV) and it's well produced. Therefore, I don't mind plugging it on the blog.

If I had to plug, say, some sort of random cell phone service, or "Your chance to win a brand new Mercedes-Benz if you click here and act NOW!" then I'm more inclined to groan, not plug the product, and thus piss off my bosses. With Redzone, it's different. It's a good product that's relevant to this football blog.

So, if you are on the fence about getting NFL RedZone, this is me telling you that it's a good product. After the jump, there's some more information on NFL RedZone in the Indianapolis area.

NFL RedZone is a ground breaking channel designed to deliver the touchdowns and most important moments during all the Sunday afternoon games. When a team gets inside the 20 yard line, NFL RedZone takes you there. The channel, hosted by NFL Network’s Scott Hanson, is in its second year of existence and delivers more than just live game action. NFL RedZone also offers comprehensive game coverage, up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights, and more.

RedZone is available through Comcast's Sports Entertainment Package. It's on HD channels 216 and 1706, and SD channels 271 and 548.