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Pierre Garcon records the Colts bowling hi-jinks at training camp

First off, I want to thank ColtsBraZil for finding and embedding Pierre Garçon's absolutely hilarious video from Garcon's own Facebook page. For those of you who have not seen it, Garçon's video recorded the team bowling tournament that we blogged about two weeks ago. This was the event players like Pat McAfee, Robert Mathis, and Jacob Lacey were Tweeting about.

We have a story up at SB Nation Indiana about the recording, including some highlighted moments and a screen grab of Clint Session that is absolutely priceless. Garçon's recording offers a rare glimpse at several Colts players (including Peyton Manning and Adam Vinatieri) goofing off, having fun, and just being themselves. It is pure, unfiltered fun that will make you laugh out loud.  

Special thanks to Pierre Garçon for making and posting this (he reads this blog, by the way).