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The Quote Machine: Freeney Sees No Hurry For Hughes

Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney (8/23/2010)

On rookie Jerry Hughes:

It is a little tougher situation for Jerry because you have me and Robert (Mathis) in front of him right now, so he has to get on the field somehow. He will get his opportunities coming up in the next two preseason games, really the last preseason game more. There is no rush for Jerry. There is not a dire, dire need for Jerry now or it’s all over. Jerry is going to learn the system. He is going to learn how to play Colts ball and he is going to be a great player. Whenever that happens, it happens. Right now his job is to get better everyday and to continue to learn. When he gets his opportunity, because things happen, people get hurt and are out for the season, and all of a sudden he has to step in there and play, be a starter. It happened to me when I was a rookie. I was just third-down situations, and around the eighth or ninth game of the year there was an injury and I went in there and that was it.

On the progression of the defense:

I can only compare it to last year. Last year, obviously we had a new coordinator and there were some learning curves that we had. I think this year we are ahead of last year and I think that the more that you are around the scheme and around the guys you get better. So, I think we are a lot better this year.

On the play of John Chick:

Whenever you don’t have a drafted guy, and bam, he pops up and is playing well, there is kind of a surprise. Chick is definitely playing well. He has a lot of energy. He plays the game the way it is supposed to be played, very hard. He is definitely going to help us.

Colts coach Jim Caldwell (8/23/2010)

On his impression of Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner:

In both cases, young, aggressive, smart players that can do a lot of things. They’ve certainly been active on special teams, and they’ve been very active in the play they’ve gotten in the last few weeks. They are learning and developing, but they are coming along very well. Instinctively, both of them have very good instincts. They may not always step in the right direction, but they make up for it. Overall, they are quick studies and doing well

On who will be featured on kickoffs:

We will probably give a couple guys a shot. [Brandon James] will be back there. I think it’s all based upon whether they are healthy and they can go, those kinds of things. We’ll try to give Brandon a little bit more of a dose this week.

On what he is looking for Thursday:

The big thing is execution, effectiveness, team-rhythm. We always look at a number of different things as we go from week-to-week, but this one hopefully you can play guys a little bit longer than they’ve played previously. So, we’re looking for more of an extended, quality effort. I think that’s important. Guys are finally getting to the point when they are going to have extended drives. They are going to be required to stay on the field a little more than usual, and within that we want to make certain that they have endurance and stamina, along with executing effectively—offensively, defensively and in our kicking game.

Hilarious Tweet, courtesy of Robert Mathis:

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