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2010 Colts Preseason: Gameplan For The Green Bay Packers

Phil Wilson of the Indy Star gives us the details on how the Colts will approach the third preseason game on their schedule, often referred to as the 'dress rehearsal' for the regular season.

#Colts intend to stick to play pattern as in past years, which for QB Peyton Manning means at least one half, possibly first series 3rd qtr.

Wilson also informs us that Devin Moore will not return kicks against the Packers. However, don't think that is because they are upset with Moore. Coaches have seen what he can do, and they very much like him. Right now, if I were a betting man, Moore is the team's kick returner.

While Moore sits, Jim Caldwell and Ray Rychleski want to see a something out of Sam Giguere and Ray Fisher. We mentioned that today that both players needed to show something in order to justify a roaster spot. On Thursday, it seems they will get that chance.

Another Tweet from Phil tells us Clint Session might play. He's been injured all preseason.