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2010 Colts Preseason: Walking Wounded Heading Into Green Bay

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The good news is Kyle DeVan, Pierre Garcon, and Mike Hart have returned to practice this week. All three missed the Buffalo Bills preseason game. DeVan had suffered from a hamstring injury against the 49ers the week before, and Garcon had been in and out of practices all through training camp and preseason. I have no idea what Hart's problem is, and frankly I don't care. Mike is always hurt, and I kind of get annoyed tracking his various injuries. This is why part of me is hoping Baby J (Javarris James) unseats him as the goal-line back. I like Mike Hart, and I would never say he is 'weak' or anything like that.

However, he gets hurt a lot, and an injured player is a useless player. Cold, I agree. But, it's life in the Not For Long game.

Also missing practice this week were Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Charlie Johnson, Jaimie Thomas, Austin Collie, Trevor Anderson, Devin Moore, and Jerraud Powers.

Powers is the one that is most concerning. After the jump, I explain why.

From Mike Chappell at the Indy Star:

Soreness in his surgically repaired left foot could force cornerback Jerraud Powers to miss the final two preseason games.

"There is nothing wrong with it," he said Monday. "I didn't reinjure it. It's just sore.

"We're going to be more cautious than anything. We don't want this thing acting up when we get ready to play Houston."

Here is where I throw up a red flag and scream 'caution!' Clearly, there is something wrong with the foot. I believe Powers when he said he didn't re-injury it. However, that he didn't re-injure it, but the foot is still 'sore,' tells me the foot is not healed. This is the same foot injury that caused Powers to miss multiple games last year. He was also hurt in the Super Bowl.

We are in preseason, with nary a real game played, and already his foot is hurting him. How is that foot going to feel by Week Ten? Week Sixteen? See my point?

If this injury is a trend for Powers, he cannot be counted on as a reliable starter, and the Colts need to seriously consider bringing in another veteran corner. Lingering injuries from last season don't just 'heal up' while one is playing the following season.If anything, they get worse.

Also, we now know the reason Devin Moore is not returning kicks tomorrow night is because he's hurt. This is likely why the Colts signed Allen Patrick.