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Finally! Video Of The Hot Blonde Colts Fan Dancing In Toronto

I've had a few people email me, asking why I haven't posted the video of the hot blonde Colts fan who was dancing in the stands of the Colts preseason game played in Toronto, Canada last week. My response was, generally, 'Well, I agree she's hot, but we're kind of focused on, you know, the actual team on the field right now. I'll post it when I feel like it.'

OK, now I feel like it.

Of course, The Big Lead took this opportunity to take a shot at Colts fans:

Usually, Colts Fans Are Some of the Most Insufferable in the NFL. Not This Nice Lady, Though

Of course, Jason McIntyre at TBL forgot to add his tagline:


Douchebag Jets fan who makes bold NFL predictions that never come true.

After the jump, a small reminder of another Jason McIntyre prediction that blew up in his face. You'd think the guy would learn that trash talk only matters when your team actually, you know, wins something. But, I'm sure such reasonable rules of engagement only make me more 'insufferable' to deal with.

Oh, just FYI, Reggie Wayne kicked Darrell Revis' ass in that game.