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Forbes Names Bill Polian Most Valuable 'General Manager' In Football

The other interesting category Forbes listed in terms of NFL value is the position of team 'general manager.' The GM is the architect beyond the team, the person most responsible for wins and losses n the football field. Some would say the head coach is the most accountable for wins and loses, but I disagree. More often than not, the GM hires the head coach. Thus, whatever happens on the field under the coach's direction reflects on the GM.

It comes as no surprise that the most valuable GM in the NFL, according to Forbes, is none other than Colts president Bill Polian.

When it comes to keeping an NFL team on top, the basic formula is simple, according to Indianapolis Colts President and General Manager Bill Polian.

"You get people who are smart, tough, with strong work ethics," he says. "And you want those who feel that football is important to them." The Colts, Super Bowl champions in 2006-2007, are 39-9 over the past three years despite a payroll that was the fifth-lowest in the NFL over that span. That makes Polian the NFL's top general manager by a landslide.

As many of you know, I often get frustrated with ole Bill. But, my ranting and raving has absolutely nothing to do with his skills as a general manager. The man will go to the Hall of Fame the very moment he becomes eligible. He is, quite simply, the greatest 'general manager' the NFL has ever seen.


He won his sixth NFL Executive of the Year award last season, which is an NFL record. He is the architect of the winning-est team in NFL history over the span of a single decade (Colts). He has built five Super Bowl teams, and turned around not one, not two, but three franchises.

Yeah, Bill Polian's pretty damn good at building great teams.