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The Science Of Dwight Freeney Kicking Your Quarterback's Butt

Dwight Freeney is the best pass rusher in the league, year in and year out. Over an eight year period, Freeney has averaged 10.5 sacks and four forced fumbles a season. Like Peyton Manning, Freeney is an absolute game-changer. Without him, the Colts defense simply does not work.

To prove just how amazing Dwight Freeney is at killing the opponent's quarterback, ESPN's Sports Science monitored and analyzed Freeney signature pass rushing move: The spin.

It's pretty amazing the data they found from measuring and monitoring Freeney as he demonstrated this move. Equally amazing is that they had him execute the move, in full pads, against a dummy. Then, upon competition of the move, they asked him to tackle a real, live person at full speed.


Um, ouch.

Highlights after the jump...

  • Freeney spin is similar to an Olympic figure skater doing a double tilde
  • Freeney can reach 90% of his top speed in just one second covering just seven yards.
  • When Freeney hits someone at full speed, it generates 2,800 pounds of force. 
  • He hit the guy so hard, it knocked him out of his shoes.
  • Dwight Freeney is really, REALLY good at destroying the QB.

Tip to ColtsBraZil