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Colts Preseason 2010: Shake's Notes On The 59-24 Preseason Loss To Packers


  • Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne is still straight money.
  • Joseph Addai with 100 yards on just 9 touches.
  • Brody Eldridge was used early and often as the Colts shifted between 3 WR and 2 TE sets.
  • Run D, Packers were held to 3 YPC and the middle of Muir and Mookie stuffed a big 4th and 1 QB sneak early.
  • Pat Angerer stepped up very well for Brackett making a number of excellent stops against the run and having his great cover skills on a QB rollout highlighted by the ESPN crew.
  • Bob Sanders was back bringing the pain in the secondary and erasing runningbacks foolish enough to elude the front 7.
  • Fili Moala was working with the 1st team D early on.
  • Curtis Painter looked sharp his first time out, leading a TD drive.
  • Ray Fisher ripped off a long kickoff return in answer to the Packers return TD.


  • The offensive line. Peyton was consistently harassed and was forced into several early and/or errant throws and after opening a gaping hole in the Packers D on the first play of the game for a 49 yard Addai run, there was very little running room.
  • Pass defense really struggled. Rodgers went 21 for 29, 195 yards, 3 TDs and rarely felt pressure, even against the blitz. Backup Matt Flynn went 8/13 for 80 with 2 TDs and 3rd stringer Harrell went 4/5 for 62. The Packers threw all over the Colts D tonight.
  • Hayden in particular still doesn't look right. Last year I could blame the nagging hamstring, but he's not looking like a 43million dollar CB so far.
  • Brandon James struggled, muffing a punt that shouldn't have been fielded after some soild kickoff returns.
  • Jerry Hughes got worked, single blocked by a TE, in the run game on back to back plays.
  • STs gave up a return TD late. Let's hope that's on the 3rd stringers, not a return to the Colts coverage teams of old.
  • Two fumbled QB-Center exchanges with Painter in the game.


  • Injuries, Gary Brackett left with an arm injury was seen on the sidelines in a sling. Rumor is a broken arm. Also Ugoh injured a toe, Lacey picked up a concussion and Addai may have gotten one as well.
  • The new umpire position totally kills the hurry up. Peyton pushed the tempo the whole time he was in and was flagged twice for snaps before the ump was set in his new position.