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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Two

Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala (8/2/2010)

On difference between last year and this year:

More than anything it was to mentally prepare myself. When you play football this long, football is football and the differences are minor. The mental difference was what the biggest difficulty for me was. I came in here mentally prepared and physically prepared as well. It is about learning how to be a pro, and that can be very difficult. The amount of film I’ve watched compared to the amount of film I need to watch is night and day.

Colts corner back Deshea Townsend (8/2/2010)

On being a Colt:

It is always great to be wanted. Coach Caldwell and Mr. Polian both laid it out that there are some young guys here that need some experience. Getting the opportunity to come and play the game that you love is what I’m all about. Also, sharing experience with these young guys. It’s is important to care about your defense and run it right.

Colts safety Bob Sanders (8/2/2010)

On competing at camp:

I think that there are guys who have really proved themselves and have done a great job stepping in my place being out. Last year was a great year. It did not end the way they wanted it to but the guys did a great things. I’m excited to be back on the team. There is a position I’m still fighting for and I have got to keep on working. Melvin did a great job in the last year proving he can play. I just want to make sure I can keep healthy and stay on the field. I am as healthy as I have been in a long time. It was kind of weird that they said my career was almost over.

Colts tight end Dallas Clark (8/2/2010)

On the wide receiving corps:

It’s got to be the best in the league. There are a lot of guys that can make a lot of big plays at any point. There are a lot of good threats and everyone has a different tangible that they bring. Especially the young guys with the experience last year, it’s only going to make them better. Having that experience underneath them and then them coming back just a little fresher and their heads aren’t spinning trying to learn all this stuff, so it is coming to them a little easier, so then they can just go out there and react and not think so much. It is an exciting group, and you have to go out there and prove yourself. On paper they look good, but like anything else you have to go out and prove it, and those guys are ready to do that.

On Bob Sanders returning:

It’s beautiful. That guy has gone through a lot of things, and it is just great to see him keep fighting through them and the adversities of his injuries here and there. It’s just great to see him keep battling and trying to fighting to get back. When he is on the field he is something special. It is great to have him back.