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Peyton Manning wore a dark visor at Colts training camp today

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This isn't some kind of "OMFG!" emergency or anything. It's just something to note: Peyton Manning wore a dark visor at this morning's training camp practice. According to Phil Wilson of the Indy Star, via Twitter, the reason for the visor is Manning has an "eye irritation" that makes him sensitive to light.

Also from Phil:

Don't think it's any serious with Manning. But it's amazing how one change is noticed by so many when it comes to the #Colts QB.

Again, nothing to get freaked out about, but definitely something to note. The offense did look sluggish this morning and not as sharp as it did yesterday afternoon. Was it the visor? Who knows?

On another note, after much haggling from yours truly, Phil Wilson finally changed the background for his Twitter page. I lobbied hard for Phil to go with a "blonde" background. He decided on a dark background with a football-like texture. Oh well. Anything was better than that "star" background he had.