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Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings, and possible re-retirement for the billionth time

We take a quick break from covering Colts training camp to discuss Brett Favre. Today, a strong rumor, circulated by Minneapolis Star-Tribune sports writer Judd Zulgad using Twitter, said Favre was telling the Vikings that his injured ankle had not healed and that he would not be returning to Skol Nation for 2010. Fox sports' Jay Glazer confirmed the rumor, saying Favre was also telling teammates that he was done.

Naturally, people on Twitter, and all over the Internet, went nuts.

Just a few moments ago, Vikings head coach Brad Childress addressed the media, saying he was unaware of Favre's intentions to retire. Prior to the news conference, many people saw the Vikings brain trusts, including their owner Zigi Wilf, huddled together and animated about something. So, it's kind of doubtful Childress was unaware of Favre's intentions.

Like Mike Florio, I believe Favre plays in 2010. This just smells like another excuse for Favre to avoid training camp. Per NFL rules, by having Favre not report for camp, the team must fine him. He's still under contract for 2010. However, if he retires (again) and re-signs with the Vikings (again) after training camp, the team cannot fine him and Favre can go without camp.

So, how does this affect the Colts?

Well, if the new over-time rules this year were in place last year, the Vikings likely would have beaten the Saints in the NFC Championship Game. Thus, Super Bowl 44 would have been Colts v. Vikes. With Favre, the Vikes are arguably the best team in the NFC. Without him, maybe 10 wins. Maybe. Also, if Favre plays in 2010, it makes it that much harder for Peyton Manning to have a shot at Brett's records.

For me, an NFL with Brett Favre in it is a more exciting NFL. Yes, the waffling is annoying, but at least he isn't announcing his "decision" to a live audience on ESPN... yet.

While most of you could likely give two craps about Favre, the news is important to someone like me. See, my mother-in-law is a HUGE Brett Favre fan. So, for her, I write this article. There, son-in-law blogging obligations complete.

Brett Favre Retirement Watch