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ESPN's Paul Kuharsky REALLY Likes The Colts, Tony Ugoh

Paul Kuharsky, when he isn't scolding me for not writing under my own name (even though I kinda sorta do), is writing very complimentary things about the Indianapolis Colts:

Honestly, I look over their depth chart and I can’t find anyone I feel like I’ve been super down on. I like this team, I think it’s potentially better than last season’s team. Strongside linebacker Philip Wheeler is a guy that I’ve doubted in the past who I think is in position to be better than I thought. Same, perhaps, for Tony Ugoh, though it’s awfully hard to make any sort of offensive line judgment since injuries have scrambled things so much. Once Charlie Johnson is healthy, I still think we could see Ugoh at left guard. I think he’s in the best place he’s been mentally and that it could pay off.

Interesting thing about Ugoh is that he looked better last Thursday night against the Packers at left tackle than he did the week before against the Bills. Ugoh left the Packers game early with a toe injury.

Many have suggested Ugoh is a better guard than a tackle. He looked better at guard than tackle in training camp. Unfortunately, because of Charlie Johnson's ankle injury, we have yet to see Ugoh play guard in preseason.