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Guess The Colts Offensive Line For 2010

This is sort of on the heels of Paul Kuharsky's article yesterday, saying he feels Tony Ugoh will win the starting left guard spot over Jamey Richard. Because we have a few days before the final preseason game, let's just use this time to play a little game. Let's gauge what everyone thinks the starting o-line will be week One against the Texans.

Now, obviously, we don't know the full extent of Charlie Johnson's ankle injury. So, let's just assume he is starting Week One. Same with Jeff Saturday.

Currently, on the Colts depth chart, Jamey Richard is the starting left guard while Kyle DeVan has slid over to right guard. With the assumption that the left tackle, center, and right tackle spots are set (because they are), who wins the guard spots? Please use the comments to communicate your predictions.

For me, I'll go CJ, Ugoh, Saturday, DeVan, Ryan Diem. I think Mike Pollak is garbage at this point, and rookie Jacques McClendon just isn't ready. Same with second year man Jaimie Thomas.