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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Four

Colts defensive tackle Daniel Muir (8/4/2010)

On camp competition:

There is no comfort level. You have to come out here every single day and work extremely hard because guys behind you are hungry too and they want to get on the field. There is no getting comfortable, ever.

On goals and improvement for this camp:

I want to be able to improve on my quickness and be able to read offenses a little bit better, Just coming out here and just dominating the run. That’s our main goal, me, Antonio Johnson, Eric Foster and Fili Moala are just coming out here to dominate the run. Period.

On teammate Fili Moala:

Fili is balling. Fili is doing a great job. His work ethic is really showing. He has worked extremely hard this offseason and he is working extremely hard now just like all of us. He is going to come out here and be successful.

Colts offensive lineman Tony Ugoh (8/4/2010)

On offensive line coach Pete Metzelaars:

Pete Metzelaars has been great for me. He and (Assistant Offensive Line Coach) Ron (Prince) both have worked with me all offseason, gave me a plan and told me exactly what I need to do. I have been working with them extremely hard all offseason on what I need to get better as a player.

On having fun:

At the end of the day it is a game. When I was my best I was just having fun playing. I wasn’t stressing myself about what was happening day-to-day. I was just coming out here having fun and let my abilities take over.

On what he brings to the run blocking:

I just have to fill in. [Ryan Lilja] did a great job when he was there. I don’t think I have to bring something different to the table, but just not have a drop off from where it was before. As a team we are all working really hard in the run-blocking area just to get better. I’m really just working together with the guys to try and get the run game going. We need to get the (running) game established. We are not happy with where we finished out last year and that will help us out with where we need to go.


Colts head coach Jim Caldwell (8/4/2010)

On Tony Ugoh playing guard:

He’s coming along. Even, obviously, looking back on last year he was really making strides and in the spring as well. He’s a flexible guy in terms of his ability, he can play both guard and tackle, so we’re really trying to find a home for him and exactly where he’s going to fit in in the grand scheme of things. He’s doing very well.

On finding a "home" position for Ugoh:

I think the competition is pretty keen, and I think he’s up to it. Obviously he could help us if he starts to perform and play as well as he’s capable.

On a player who can play different positions:

I’m not quite certain whose going to take over that role. That’s kind of what our preseason is about. We get an opportunity to kind of look at a number of different guys in a number of spots, but we have a lot of candidates. So, we feel good about that, but we’re really not certain at this point.