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Quinn Pitcock retired from the Colts in 2008 because of... video games?

As you may or may not have heard, one-time Colts third round pick Quinn Pitcock, whose name (while still funny in more ways than one) brings up harsh feelings from many Colts fans, is trying to make a comeback.

Pitcock did very well for the Colts his rookie year (2007), but as players were reporting for training camp in the summer of 2008, Pitcock decided that football was no longer for him. While driving down to Terre Haute, IN for Colts training camp, he stopped his car, turned around, and retired from football.

No reason was given. No prior warning signs. Nothing.

Pitcock was known as a fierce competitor at Ohio State, where he was a teammate of current Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez. His retirement was very much a shock to the Colts and their fans. The team was really counting on Pitcock to shore up their defensive tackle spot, which was a major weakness for the team in 2008.

This year, after two seasons away from football, Pitcock wants to return to the NFL. The Colts, who owned his rights, released him prior to the start of training camp, allowing Pitcock the opportunity to sign with another team. Yesterday, he inked a deal with the Seattle Seahawks. After signing the deal, Pitcock opened up Seattle's The News Tribune about why he up and quit on the Colts in the summer of 2008.

Almost as shocking and odd as Pitcock's 2008 retirement is his reasoning for doing so: Video games.

From Eric Williams, The News Tribune:

We got to talk to Pitcock afterward, and he was frank in discussing his reasons for retiring from the league in 2008 while with Indianapolis at the age of 24, saying he was suffering from bouts of depression, and that he had used video games as an outlet.

Pitcock said his video game playing eventually became an addition that he needed help with, along with the depression. Pitcock said he still lived in Indianapolis after he stepped away from the game.

I can sympathize with the depression thing. Like all illnesses, depression is a mental condition that needs treating. Sometimes it requires drugs, therapy, and other remedies. I guess it's the whole video game thing that seems weird to me. I understand playing, say, Madden 11 all day can be addictive, but come on Quinn!

You threw away millions of dollars to play Mario World?

While I am annoyed Pitcock quit on the Colts in 2008, I certainly don't wish him ill. Here's to hoping he's found the right remedy to dealing with his depression. He sounds like a good kid who just needed time away to sort his crap out.

However, in the future, steer clear of GameStop, Quinn. If you were an alcoholic, it would be your equivalent of a liquor store.

Depression, Video Games Behind Pitcock's Retirement- Mac's Football Blog