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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Five

Colts head coach Jim Caldwell (8/5/2010)

On Adam Vinatieri:

Yes, he kicked the ball very well. He’s been doing it all along this summer. He’s come along, his reports have been great, he feels good and I know he’ll continue to progress. It’s great to see him back in form. He’s doing well and obviously he’s a big part of what we do.

On the opportunity for rookies to break into a starting spot on special teams:

It certainly is. Oftentimes when you’re looking at filling out your roster, a lot of it includes guys that are maybe backup rolls at their respective positions, but they play a major roll on our special teams. So, I think you find a lot of the young guys are really paying attention to that particular area.

On Pierre Garcon improving even more:

I think that you’ll find that we have a lot of guys on our team that have shown they have the ability, as long as they work hard, and practice and dedicate themselves, that they can improve. I think you’ve seen that with Reggie (Wayne.) I think you’ve seen that with Peyton (Manning.) I think you’ve seen that with Jeff Saturday, Ryan Diem, Gary Brackett. I can go on and on and on, and I think that’s something you have to understand, that it’s not one year that certainly is the hallmark of your career. You have to be able to put them back to back for an extended period of time. I do anticipate the way he works, the way he concentrates, the way he functions that he’s going to get better.

On adjusting to changes:

That’s one of the things that we talk about with the team, that we’re going to have to face some adversity. Some things we are going to have to adjust and move around. I think that’s part of getting ready for the season because that’s the way the season is also. There are so many things that occur that guys have to be able to make adjustments, but still be able to focus in on the little things like making certain we get our work done. Nothing really will stop us from doing that.