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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from tenth practice (Aug. 7th Blue v. White scrimmage)

The Colts held their annual training camp Blue v. White scrimmage today after the players had a short meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The scrimmage is a mock game with a special scoring system for the offense and the defense. Both side gets points for sacks, INTs, touchdowns, third down conversions, etc. 

We were lucky enough to have @andrewmishler Tweeting up a storm from the scrimmage. He also provided us with a little comedy, what with him making fun of back-up quarterback Curtis Painter during the mock game only to find out that Painter's mother was sitting right in front of him!

Thanks to @andrewmishler and others (like Phil Wilson) for feeding us scrimmage gold today. Here are the notes:

  • From Javarris James: "Just got done with the mock game had a good first week in camp got the rest of today off bout to head to indy and chill."
  • Pat McAfee continues to boom punts. Some were 70-plus yards.
  • Sam Giguere returned kicks. Anthony Gonzalez returned punts.
  • Brandon James worked with the wide receivers, as he has done all camp.
  • In warm-ups, Reggie Wayne burned Deshea Townshend for 40 yards.
  • Brandon James continues to get in with the first team offense as a specialist.
  • Tony Ugoh sat out today, as did Charlie Johnson. Still no word yet on CJ's injury.
  • Jeff Linkenbach played left tackle, and did not do well. Defense was able to get consistent pressure on Peyton Manning and the other QBs.
  • Because of pressure, Manning had a pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Gary Brackett.
  • Mike Newton had himself a day: Three INTs. All of them were on Curtis Painter, who was awful today. Simply awful. And yes, I'd say that in front of his mom as well.
  • O-line for first unit today was Linkenbach, Jamey Richard, Mike Pollak, Jeff Saturday, and Adam Terry
  • Mitch King played fullback on offense and caught a pass from Manning. If King is playing FB, this means the Colts likely do not foresee Brody Eldridge as a FB or H-Back.
  • Speaking of Eldridge, several fine catches today, including one along the sideline.
  • Secondary really impressed, with Jacob Lacey standing out along with Mike Newton.
  • Defense defeated offense 52-24. QBs threw 4 INTs.
  • From Robert Mathis: "Great day today at practice...Defense getting better and better!"
  • Adam Vinatieri showed a string long, but made only one of three FGs.