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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Seven

These quotes mostly involve Saturday's Blue v. White scrimmage and Roger Goodell's visit to Colts training camp.

Colts linebacker Gary Brackett (8/7/2010)

On how the defense played in the scrimmage:

I think we did good. Obviously we still have to go back and look at film. I think it’s funny. It’s never as good as you think when you go back and watch film. On the offensive part, it’s never as bad either. So I think those guys had a couple of long drives. Obviously they had some plays with tipped balls and Mike (Newton) did a great job of taking advantage of some opportunities. Overall, I think we both got better out here today.

On rookie safety Mike Newton getting three INTs in the scrimmage:

You can’t beat that. The best thing about it is you have to take advantage of the opportunities and come up with the big plays. He took advantage of the opportunities. I’m proud of him. You can’t beat that hat trick your first time out here. Good job for him

On Roger Goodell's visit and discussion with the Colts players:

It was good. He (Goodell) came out to express what is going on with everything in the league, making it a safer league, wanting to grow our game and obviously mentioning how the CBA is going. He just wanted to make sure the owners, from his point of view, and the players were on the same page

Colts safety Melvin Bullitt (8/7/2010)

On getting through training camp:

A lot of guys are healthy and that is good. If you look around the league there are a lot of people who are missing from training camp. Fortunately we haven’t had that problem. We have had everybody at practice getting a lot of reps in and that can only help us get better and get to where we want to go.

On Commissioner Goodell and whether he seemed knowledgeable about the player questions:

He was very knowledgeable. He was very informative as to what was going on. It is just a situation where we have to get it done. We have to make sure football keeps going and everybody stays happy. I think it will happen. This is America’s game right now and we just have to keep this whole football thing together.

Colts center and Player's Union representative Jeff Saturday (8/7/2010)

On Goodell talking to the team:

He talked about how much you’ve done in the past and how long you’ve been working with the league, gave a general description of what he was doing, and he had a couple topics that he wanted to address. He talked about player safety and what players were thinking; just asked guys’ thoughts. Then he opened it up for questions and answer and we touched on a lot of the issues. It wasn’t a negotiation. It was just getting information out.

On if he liked what he heard during the Goodell meeting:

I was really happy with what I heard from the players. I was really happy with the questions they asked. I thought they asked really informed questions. We’ve tried to get as much information to them as possible and I thought they did a really good job of asking tough questions to the Commissioner. The players were spot on with what they were trying to get accomplished.