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2010 Colts training camp: Notes from the eleventh practice (Aug. 9th)

After 1.5 days off, the Colts players and coaches returned to the Anderson practice fields this morning. The lingering question on most people's minds was "Where is John Gill?" Gill was arrested for public intoxication on Sunday morning outside a strip club in downtown Indianapolis. No charges were filed, but Gill did spend Sunday morning in jail.

The fast answer to the question is "No, Gill was not seen on the practice field." The most loaded question of "Why?" has no answer at this time. Personally, Gill was on borrowed time with the Colts even before his drunken adventures Saturday night-Sunday morning.

But enough talk about idiot third-string DTs. Let's get more important news and notes from camp. Once again, Eric Hartz of and Brett Mock of Coltzilla thumb their noses at the high heat index as they sit near the practice fields, Tweeting up their observations. Notes from them, and others:

  • Finally! A Ray Fisher sighting, and a good one! Fisher hit a seam on a return and flew through. Tremendous speed.
  • Colts wore their blue throwback helmets today.
  • Anthony Gonzalez, Pierre Garcon, Brandon King, Dallas Clark, Clint Session, Keyunta Dawson, Colin Cloherty, and Andy Alleman, and Charlie Johnson did not participate. 

More after the jump...

  • Equally as impressive today on special teams as a returner was Brandon James. Like Fisher, James continues to display impressive speed on returns.
  • Sam Giguere muffed a kick return. 
  • Right now, Cody Glenn is the back-up middle linebacker, not Pat Angerer.
  • Though Brandon James really seems to dazzle as a returner, he continues to drop balls in the receiving drills. James runs these drills with the other WRs.
  • Dudley Guice was hot and cold today. On one route, he runs a crisp pattern and makes a grab. On another, "Stonehenge." 
  • Devin Moore shows real "pop' when hitting a hole in runningback drills. His downside is his size. Very small for a RB.
  • Funny as hell Tweet from Brett Mock regarding Peyton Manning: "Peyton just yelled at Pierre..."Pierre, get your ass over here!" It was hilarious."
  • Peyton was sans Darth Vader visor today.
  • Again, Brandon James working with first team offense as a skat-back. He received a lot of attention. Colts have plans for him. On one play, James had a nice hook route and caught the pass from Peyton.
  • Special teams worked on back-up punt drills. Pat McAfee dropped a 41-yarder.
  • Just like last year's camp, Taj Smith impressed. Made several impressive catches.
  • No fault of Taj's, but on one screen pass he got blasted by Antoine Bethea.
  • Speaking of blasted, Bob Sanders "vaporized" Sam Giguere on one play. Crowd cheered.
  • Blair White worked out of the slot.
  • First unit offensive line had Tony Ugoh back at left tackle, Mike Pollak at LG, Jamey Richard at C, Kyle DeVan at RG, and Ryan Diem at RT.
  • Colts also rotated in Jaimie Thomas at LG with the first unit.
  • Curtis Painter continues to struggle.
  • Team split Javarris James out wide for a screen play.
  • Interesting Tweet from Eric Hartz: "Watching the linemen a bit. Really lime Ervin Baldwins motor.His technique is not perfect but he goes hard."

Look for more notes and updates throughout the day. today's 3:30pm practice is for special teams only.