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Colts defensive tackle John Gill "likely done"

A Tweet from Indy Star's Phil Wilson:

Day after public intox arrest, #Colts reserve John Gill likely done. Polian: Team looking into IR options for guy in need of counseling.

It's a kind gesture on the Colts' part for them to potentially IR Gill so he can still collect his pay check while, at the same time, receive counseling. From a John Oesher Tweet:

Colts President Bill Polian on DT John GIll: "The No. 1 priority for him is to get treatment. . . . Football is not a priority. "

Gill's choice to get wasted on his off-day from camp was indeed moronic. However, to his credit, at least he didn't try and drive home. That much I'll give him. Also, when the President of the Colts is telling Gill and the NFL world in general that "football is not a priority" with him, that means Gill's career with the Colts, and the NFL in general, is likely over.

Just to be clear, Gill was (at best) a practice squad option for the club even before his Saturday night-Sunday morning adventures. He was a reserve tackle on the active roster last year, but with players like Fili Moala, Mitch King, and Marlon Favorite in camp, Gill's chances of making the final 53 were small. Now, they are zero.