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2010 Colts training camp: More notes from Aug. 9th morning practice

Regular reader GoBigBlue88 has a FanPost up highlighting some things he saw at this morning's practice at Anderson. Much of what he saw seems consistent with what we reported on earlier today. Here are a few interesting notes:

Trevor Anderson really stood out to me. I didn't figure him for anything more than a camp body, and he still isn't likely to make the roster. But he looked good moving in space today and supplied one of the practice's harder hits. No idea why he's listed as a DE; he looks and plays like a LB. I didn't expect this kid to surprise and didn't go with any intention of noticing him, but as soon as I got home, I had tolook up #56 to see who had impressed me so much.

Haven't heard much about Anderson until this. Like John Chick, he seems to have caught the eye of more than a few.

I'm hesitant to give too much praise in these light practices, but I thought Deshea Townsend looked phenomenal out there. He guessed wrong once, on an 11-on-11 drill which resulted in him slipping and a TE releasing for an easy catch in the spot he had vacated. But the rest of the day, he was right on his man and broke on a ball beautifully for a pick. Again, he's not anything better than CB4, but he looked right at home out there. Consistently, I thought that - next to Anderson - Townsend was the most impressive player during the morning practice.

Good to hear that the ole vet is finding his niche on the roster. The value of a tough, experienced vet cannot be over-estimated. Townsend could be a big boost to a secondary that was very much in need of better depth.

Check out the rest of BigBigBlue88's FanPost for more camp observations. After the jump, I have a few additional observations from from this morning's practice.

More notes from this morning's practice:

  • Mitch King looks improved on special teams. This is very key for him. With John Gill likely gone, King now has a strong shot to make the active roster. Colts are also using him as a Dan Klecko style fullback.
  • Brody Eldridge is the real thing. He might be this year's Austin Collie in that he might be more than meets the eye. Eldridge, drafted to play mostly H-Back, is a physical blocker who runs good routes and seems to catch everything thrown at him. Colts are using him more as a standard tight end.
  • Jacob Tamme looks great. running routes. Catching passes. He'll make the roster.
  • Colts continue to use Eric Foster at defensive end. Look like Eric is replacing Raheem Brock in that department.
  • Jerry Hughes is deadly fast. Kid continues to turn heads.
  • So far in camp, the defense looks better than the offense. That has to be a first in the Peyton Manning era.