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Colts might be hiding something about Charlie Johnson's ankle injury

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We still haven't gotten any real update on the injury to Charlie Johnson, and not to cry wolf too loudly here, but that isn't a good thing. It's especially worrisome when local Indianapolis media are starting to wonder the same thing.

In an interview with 1070 The Fan this afternoon, Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star offered this when asked for an update on C.J.'s injured ankle [emphasis mine]:

I don't know what Charlie's injury, or the severity of it, [is]. The best we got out of Coach Caldwell today was, "Sometimes these things take a couple of days to, you know, ascertain." OK, well, I'm not sure I but that. In fact, between you and me, and anybody listening, I don't buy it. But, you know, I like to also joke, you know, the old Tom Hanks line in the movie, the baseball movie, "There's no Crying! there's no crying In baseball?" I like to say, "There's no lying. There's no lying in football. It's all about gamesmanship. There's no lying."

The fact that we haven't gotten a solid report on Charlie has me wringing my hands. I don't think his issue is season-ending, or anything like that. But Charlie was not at practice today, and no one seems to know when he will be able to return to the field. And since the Colts seem to be blowing smoke out of their butt in an effort to hide something regarding Charlie's injury, I'm all the more troubled.

However, just so this report isn't all doom and gloom, after the jump we provide you with some better news...

From Eric Hartz at

With Saturday out and Charlie Johnson still out with a foot injury, we saw some different players work with the first-team offensive line. For much of the day, the first unit was Tony Ugoh at left tackle, Thomas at left guard (Mike Pollak played there some as well), Jamey Richard at center, Kyle DeVan at right guard and Ryan Diem at right tackle.

Ugoh seemed to take the position switch in stride and did a nice job. I was particularly impressed with his speed on one play, getting to the outside on a wide receiver screen. For all the frustration Ugoh has brought to the team and its fans, he still clearly has a lot of athletic ability for his size and the team is really searching to find a role for him.

Oh, and the movie Phil was referencing is A League of Their Own, starring Tom Hanks. Interesting note, much of that movie was shot in Evansville, IN.