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2010 Colts Training Camp: Pictures for your Enjoyment

A busy weekend kept me from posting a few more thoughts from Thursday's night practice, as well as more pictures from Thursday night's practice and Friday morning's walkthrough.  A couple more thoughts:

  • During some of the 11 on 11 drills, Austin Collie beat Deshea Townshend deep on a double move.  It was a great move, and made me smile.
  • I realize Curtis Painter was pretty awful on Saturday, but did make a really nice pass threading the needle to Colin Cloherty on a crossing route against the first team.  I couldn't tell who was covering him, but it was a great play by the offense, rather than a failure by the defense.
  • The last play by the first team offense was a deep crossing route (25-30 yards) to Reggie Wayne, that Peyton Manning put just over the outstretched fingers of Melvin Bullitt.  It was a thing of beauty, and made me immediately think of this play

OK, on to the pictures (half now, half later)...


Peyton signing autographs.  This one is for the ladies.


More of Peyton signing before practice.  He was out there at least 45 minutes.


Larry Coyer is the man, smoking his pipe before practice.


Wide Receivers getting ready to run routes.


No joke, Brown pitched this back to Manning.  I hope it's just a drill.


Defensive Line running drills


Linebackers and Secondary running drills.  Pat McAfee moonlighting as a QB.


Offensive Line running drills


Receivers running deep comeback routes


Pierre Garçon did make this catch


Offensive and Defensive Lines doing more work


Robert Mathis blows Joseph Addai up in the backfield


7 on 7 drills. This was my favorite part of the practice.