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As expected, Colts cut loose of Andy Alleman

Thanks to Joe "shake n bake" Baker for the front-paged FanPost reporting that Andy Alleman was cut from the team this past weekend. It's unclear if Alleman's back injury on Friday of last week contributed to his release. Regardless, it's not like Alleman was turning heads at practice. The Colts were using him as the third string center in Thursday night's scrimmage, and he was awful playing the position. His shotgun snaps were off and he couldn't block a toddler.

Alleman was signed way back on March 6th. He was someone the Colts had tried to sign since August of last year. After he signed, he felt that the Colts were a good fit for him at this point in his career:

I believe that, in my heart, I honestly think that for the first time I feel like I fit with what [the Colts] offense is trying to do; kind of their personnel group, with the types of guys that they use. I just think that this is as good an opportunity I've probably had so far.

Alleman also mentioned back in May that he was at a bit of a crossroads in his football career, suggesting that if this didn't work out with the Colts that maybe it was time to think about doing something else. Well, for Andy and the Colts, it didn't work out. Of course, this is a bit sad. Alleman didn't seem like a bad guy, but the reality of life in the NFL can often be harsh. Adam Caplan of National Football Post Tweets his thoughts on Alleman:

I feel bad for Alleman. Promising OL, but lots of injuries and bad luck since Saints drafted him.

I agree. The call this league Not For Long for a reason. We wish Andy luck and hope he can latch on to another team.