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The continuing dietary exploits of Philip Wheeler take us into the late hours


First day of training camp: Three lobster tails.

First night off on Saturday: Fried lobster and a steak at Ruth's Chris.

Tonight, Colts linebacker Philip Wheeler Tweeted a pic of his desert with dinner at the Colts dorm in Anderson, IN: Cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

Yes, training camp is just so horrible for players, isn't it?

Site note: Mmmmmmm, that cheesecake looks damn good. Now I'm going to be thinking about cheesecake all night. Unless, of course, Philip Wheeler Tweets a pic of, say, a bunch of Hostress pastry treats that he has hidden in his closet.


Photo: @philgood50

Oh, damn you Wheeler! Damn you and your 6.3% body fat metabolism! While I'm here eating carrots, twigs, and humus, you and Robert Mathis are raiding the local 7-11 of all their Little Debbies. Such a cruel world.