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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Nine

Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez (8/9/2010)

On getting his timing back with Peyton Manning:

I don’t think that has been much of a problem actually, which kind of surprised me. I feel pretty good about the work we’ve put in. One of the reasons why I went down to Tennessee this offseason was to get that timing back. I think having three days with him (Manning), myself, and (Austin) Collie throwing routes and really working on that timing aspect really helped a lot.

On when he felt healthy again:

Honestly, I probably didn’t feel all the way healthy until maybe about three weeks ago. I was able to work around it so my conditioning didn’t suffer or anything like that. In terms of full on, no-questions-asked healthy, I’d say three or four weeks ago.

On the 1955 retro helmets:

I love them, actually. Not to get in trouble, but I think the horseshoes are a little oddly placed. I’m not sure they are necessary, but other than that the blue helmets are great. I think they are pretty cool looking.

Colts running back Donald Brown (8/9/2010)

On second year in training camp being smoother:

The veterans that we have are a great, solid group of guys. (They) are always out there working hard, and it’s contagious. They make you work hard and they really helped expedite the learning curve last year. That carried over to this year and really helped me out a lot.

On helping rookies out:

It’s nice being in that position, but people are still helping me out, too. It works both ways. You are always looking to get better and help the guy next to you get better, too.

On being excited for preseason games:

It’s always fun to play against some different color, but that is a couple of days from now. We have a couple of hard practices to put some work and good time in. We are taking care of training camp first.


Colts corner Jerraud Powers (8/9/2010)

On biggest transition form last year to now:

Just knowing how everything’s going to be rather than coming in last year with it all being new. Just preparing myself mentally and physically. My offseason was a lot different than what it was the year before. It was a different set of training. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into last year after the (NFL) combine. Then it was just doing stuff on your own and not knowing what to expect. Coming in this year it was more of that college feel type of training, of everyday and every morning just trying to get yourself ready and in the best shape as possible. You get a lot of great athletes out here in the best shape of their life, and you don’t want to be lacking in that because guys will move ahead of you just because of that situation.

On benefiting from last year’s playing time:

I feel good and I think starting last year is going to benefit me. With playing Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald and all of the great receivers we played last year as a rookie, coming in this year and facing them I think it’s going to be a different mindset for me because I’ve seen them before and know what to expect; as opposed to me being a rookie and everybody else being nervous because we have a rookie out there guarding Randy Moss. I think it will benefit a lot down the road because late in the season my body sort of broke down a little bit. I really didn’t expect for the journey to be that long, but it was. I think I know how I’m going to handle certain situations differently this year when it comes down the stretch.

On the mental transition form last year to now:

Just more studying of the playbook, watching films and evaluating myself from last season so I can benefit on the field from what I learned last year, as far as footwork or bulking up in the weight room.