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Mike Chappell Weighs In On Colts Roster, Umpire Ruling

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Mike Chappell, the Colts beat writer for the Indianapolis Star, joined Dan Dakich yesterday on his radio show and talking about the Colts roster as we get closer to the team needing to cut down to 53 active players. As we always say, 'Chap' has covered the Colts for decades. So, when he talks, we listen.

He's also just an all round super nice guy, and we like to give Chap the same type of 'blog time' we give to more famous people, like Adam Shefter and Mike Florio.

Chap also talked about the Colts and how they intentionally tried to expose the umpire rule change during the preseason game last week against the Packers. One interesting note Chap made could be interpreted as a 'shot' at the umpire for that game:

Dakich: I thought, and I said this before, I thought [the umpire] kind of had a smoke, hung out, had a chat with [Peyton Manning], at least early. And then he figured out, 'Hey! I better get outta here.'

Chappell: I was just talking to another guy here, and I was just thought [the umpire] was purposefully-

Dakich: Me too

Chappell: I use the word 'lallygagging.' I mean, get outta there! But the ball down and get outta there! There were a couple times where he put the ball down and just kind of stood around, looking around like 'What do I do now?'

We agree. That ump seemed to optimize the laziness we often see from officials. Part of making this new rule 'work' will be making lazy umps (like the yutz working the Packers game) move their butts and spot the ball quicker. If they don't, FIRE THEM and replace them with umps that are in better shape.

Oh, and if an ump ever 'purposefully' dragged his ass to spot a ball in a no-huddle situation at Lucas Oil, he might leave that game with the football lodged up his... nevermind.

After the jump, Chap pontificates on who makes the Colts 53 man active roster.

  • Players Chappell thinks will make the team are Devin Moore and Jeff Linkenbach. He says the Colts like both players.
  • All the positive things Brandon James did prior to the Green Bay game have been wiped away. When you fumble a return and it goes for a TD, you are back to square one. 
  • Ray Fisher needs a strong game against the Bengals. He's behind Moore and James as a kick and punter returner. Chappell wrote an article on this subject as well.
  • Javarris James is a good kid, but will get cut. Practice squad player.
  • Adam Terry has not shown much at right tackle. Translation: He's getting cut.
  • The Colts will likely sign a veteran safety after the cuts. They need someone to replace Jamie Silva.

It makes me feel good to know that the things Chappell is saying about this roster are vvery similar to what I have been saying. After the final preseason game, we will post our final guess for the 53 man roster.