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The Quote Machine: Bye-Bye Tony Ugoh

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Colts coach Jim Caldwell (9/9/2010)

On the team releasing Tony Ugoh:

Tony certainly has had a tough stretch here during the preseason, kind of up and down. It was basically (that) we’re just not quite certain of his health. Consistently he had some problems, and we just weren’t quite certain of when he was going to be able to get back, so we had to make a decision.

On how Charlie Johnson looked in practice:

He was better. Today, he’ll probably do a little bit more. We’re all feeling that he is headed in the right direction.

On how Jeff Saturday looked in practice:

Good. I just think in both cases those guys are kind of working through any issues that they may have, but I think they feel pretty good about where they are.

Caldwell conti.

On the talent and depth on the Colts defense:

I can tell you that we think we have a good defense, there is no question about that. I’m not going to pull any punches about that. I think our depth is good in some areas. In some, we’d like it to be better. I think we’re fortunate. That’s literally not the tale of the tape, the performance is what counts. Let’s see how we play and then let’s start to measure it from that point on.

On running back Joseph Addai:

He looks good. He feels good. That’s all we can go by right now. He really has had a very fine spring and summer, in terms of training camp. Joe really looks like he is ready to go.

On if Bob Sanders is looking like his old self:

He is. Everyday. I think you probably got a sense of that in the Green Bay game. I think he played like 43 snaps in that ballgame. He made a few hits that looked just like Bob typically hits. He gets your attention.