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Rumor: Bob Sanders Done For The Year, Again

Other than watching the Colts defense seemingly quit against the Houston Texans yesterday, the only other site more vomit-inducing was watching Bob Sanders injure himself on a routine tackle near the goal-line in the first quarter and not return for the rest of the game. Early injury reports were that Sanders had an elbow injury.

This morning, rumors are circulating that Sanders is, once again, done:

There are unconfirmed (for now) rumors in league circles that Colts safety Bob Sanders' elbow injury may in fact be a season-ending biceps injury. 

What we know for now is that no one is saying anything yet.  The team is quiet and the player is quiet.  Indeed, the player is so quiet that some folks with whom he ordinarily would be communicating have yet to hear from him.

The rumor might have weight as the Indy Star, via Twitter, responded to it with the words "No again," when Pro Football Talk posted it.

Let us hope that these are simply rumors. However, let us also hope that Bob is not seriously hurt and will not miss extended time. 2010 is a vital year for Bob. If he ends up on IR, or if he misses significant time with yet another injury, his career with the Indianapolis Colts, and possibly the NFL itself, could be finished.

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