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Indianapolis Media Thinks Colts 'Gave Up' In Fourth Quarter Against Texans

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz joined 1070 The Fan's Dan Dakich on his radio show today, and both were in agreement: The Colts quit in the fourth quarter against the Texans.

Bob Kravitz: What scared me, or what concerned me the most, was I saw a little bit of give up at the end. you just don't see that with this team. I thought that last drive, the four plays and 91 yards, and then a little bit later, the Colts still have a chance to get back in the game, and Arian Foster high-steps into the endzone without being touched. And, I thought I saw a little bit of surrender there.

Dan Dakich: I did too.

So did I, and it's absolutely unacceptable. The Colts should isolate who those players are and cut them. I don't care if their names are Gary Brackett, Dwight Freeney, or Robert Mathis. Quitters have no business playing for a team that works in a stadium subsidized by taxpayer money. No excuse for quitting. No forgiveness for it either.

Amazingly, Dakich seemed so upset about the loss that he questioned Jim Caldwell's ability to effectively discipline his team. He called the Colts yesterday "a team with a student teacher in there."


Dakich went even further, comparing Jim Cadwell's situation as Tony Dungy's replacement to Mike Davis replacing Bobby Knight at I.U. back in 2002 2000. Like Caldwell, Davis took over an I.U. team and eventually led them all the way to the Championship Game. They lost to Maryland, and a few years later Davis stepped down as coach after several disappointing seasons.

Kravitz and Dakich also discussed the possibility of Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis' contract situations being a distraction, along with Anthony Gonzalez calling out Jim Caldwell for not delivering on a promise made to him. Stories like these simply did not happen with the same regularity under Tony Dungy that they do under Caldwell. It's a good point, and it has to make you wonder.

One thing seems clear: We probably won't be seeing Caldwell interviewed anytime soon by Dakich. I wonder, the next time Dakich has a chat with Bill Polian, will he bring up the 'student teacher' comment?