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Antonio Johnson Benched Because Of Ankle Injury Even Though Injury Not Listed On Friday Report

One of the big WTF? decisions Jim Caldwell made prior to kickoff against the Texans Sunday was benching Antonio Johnson for Fili Moala. 'Mookie' Johnson, a rock at defensive tackle last season for the Colts, is arguably the team's best run stuffer. At the time, no reason was given as to why Mookie did not start. The result was the Texans running for over 250 total yards and three touchdowns on the Colts while Fili Moala looked lost and overwhelmed.

Today we learn that Mookie had an ankle injury, and thus the decision was made to sit him for Fili. Mookie did play, but was limited.

This mystery 'sore ankle' is interesting because it did not appear on the injury report the Colts released Friday. So, unless Mookie tripped and hurt himself sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, that Friday Colts injury report is looking a little fishy.

If Mookie was hurt, but the Colts failed to report it, that's a violation of league rules. Not saying the Colts are violating rules, but, in general, ankles do not magically become 'sore' unless something happens to them in practice or in games.