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Bob Sanders Practices With Colts Today, No Official Update On Injury

Finally, for the love of god, some positive news about Bob Sanders:

Colts safety Bob Sanders practiced with the team today, an indication his injured elbow isn't as serious as first feared.

Thanks to LovinBlue for the update.

OK, the signs seem to point to him being OK. I guess my first question is that if he is healthy enough to practice today, why didn't he get back in the game yesterday? In fact, Sanders wasn't even spotted on the sidelines after he left the field following his injury. Is he that much of a Glass Joe now that any seemingly minor injury gets him removed from the field of play?

And yes, if you're practicing with the team the day after your injury, I consider that injury minor.

Honestly, I just don't know if I can trust Sanders anymore. He seems perfectly fine to practice for games, but not fine to play in them. I'm also just sick of the whole song and dance surrounding his health.