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Breaking: Colts Safety Bob Sanders Has Torn Biceps, Season Likely Over UPDATE

It's the same old song and dance for one-time NFL Defensive Player of The Year Bob Sanders. ESPN's Adam Schefter just Tweeted that Sanders has a torn biceps muscle, and that he is 'out indefinitely, if not for the season.' A torn biceps muscle is what cost Bob his 2009 season. It's unclear at this time if the injury is to the same arm, though Jim Caldwell said yesterday it wasn't.

Obviously, this is a crushing blow for the Colts. Sanders' career in Indianapolis is likely over. He's played in only nine games in three seasons. He clearly was not worth the $35 million dollar deal Bill Polian signed him to back in 2008.

It's frustrating from a fan's point of view because we all very much wanted to see Bob thrive in Larry Coyer's defense after his first healthy off-season in years. But, with Sanders contract increasing to $5 million in 2011 and $7 million in 2012, it's impossible to see him as a Colt after this season. He is simply not a reliable player, and lacks the ability to stay healthy. The harsh reality of NFL life is an injured player is a useless player, and right now Bob Sanders is killing Indy's ability to move forward.

For now, Melvin Bullitt will step in, like he's always done, and do a good job. There will be plenty of time afterward to point fingers and hold people accountable for this debacle. But, for now, let's just absorb the blow, accept that Bob is likely done as a Colt, and move on.

For me, I'll move on by saying my favorite Bob Sanders memory was his rookie year when he hit (I think) Mike Bell near the goal-line in the 2004 playoff game against the Denver Broncos. I swear, the hit created a shock wave. Bell thought his name was 'Batman' after the hit.

Thanks to LovinBlue for posting the initial Schefter Tweet.

[UPDATE]: Tweeted from Schefter:

Colts S Bob Sanders is scheduled to vist Dr. James Andrews tomorrow to help determine how long his torn biceps will sideline him.

It's important to note that Schefter's report regarding Sanders 'practicing' yesterday was correct. Also correct was Mike Florio's rumor that Sanders was likely done for 2010. So, for those of you who took shots at those two for spreading nasty, baseless rumors, be nice and say you're sorry.