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Don't Expect Anthony Gonzalez Back Until After The Bye Week

The stellar one-two punch of losing Bob Sanders 'indefinitely' due to a biceps injury and Anthony Gonzalez likely out for the Giants game this week put me in such a awful mood last night that all I wanted to do was drink beer, eat greasy chips, drink more beer, play Left For Dead 2, drink even more beer, and then pass out in a pool of my own vomit.

To make matters even more cheery, we now know Gonzo has a high ankle sprain. These kinds of injuries don't heal themselves in a week or two. They take many weeks. Factor in that Gonzo is a terribly slow healer, and you have to think we probably won't see him back on the sidelines, in uniform, until after the bye week.

Of course, in Gonzo's case, there isn't even a guarantee of that. The Colts first game after the bye is November 1st. He's such a slow healer, he might not be back until December. Who knows.

I've given up on Gonzo. I used to very much like seeing him play, but now I'm just tired of seeing him hurt. He was seeing fewer snaps as the #4 receiver this year, which (in theory) decreased his chances of getting hurt. Yet, in the very first real game he's played in almost a year, he's talking to trainers and pacing the sidelines, frustrated. 2010 was his season to prove he could get through sixteen games without missing one. Clearly, he can't. Gonzo will not be a Colt next year. Write it down. Players who cannot stay on the field are utterly useless. Right now, Gonzo is utterly useless.

Also speaking of utterly useless players who will not be in a Colts uniform next season, we should get some kind of announcement on what the Colts plan to do with Bob Sanders later today.

Don't expect sympathy or 'Sally Sunshine' rays from me regarding Gonzo and Bob, folks. 2010 was an absolutely huge season for both these players. They HAD to prove they could stay healthy. Not only did they show everyone that they can't, but they couldn't even get through the first friggin game of the season.

At some point, you have to stop thinking about it being 'bad luck' or 'unfortunate circumstances' that prevent these guys from staying healthy. Quite simply, they cannot hack it in the NFL. Time to move on.