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Dwight Freeney On Jim Rome Show Says Bob Sanders Is Done UPDATE Sanders Not Going To IR

We don't have a video link at this time, nor an Internet link, but Matt Grecco (aka mgrex03) is telling me Dwight Freeney was on Jim Rome's show today and stated that Bob Sanders is done for 2010. mgrex03 update: Link is from Phil B.'s blog this morning, about half way down.

With the Colts signing DaJuan Morgan, and with Bob's long history of injuries, this news is not surprising. Likely, Bob will be placed on injured reserve, and his career with the Indianapolis Colts will be over.

I know some of you out there were kind of hoping the Colts may keep Sanders on the active roster in the hopes that he could return for the playoffs. Honestly, what kind of message does that send? While Melvin Bullitt is doing all the hard work, he would just return to the bench if Bob comes back healthy in December? If I were Bullitt, I'd be pissed at such a situation.

Bob is done as an Indianapolis Colts player. The best way to deal with this cold, hard, difficult reality is to just accept it and move on.

UPDATE (mgrex03):  Phil B. with more information regarding Sanders

#Colts release specified that Sanders, who has missed more games (49) than he has played (48) in his career, would remain on active roster.

This means that the Colts expect Sanders back before the end of the season, but will go with only 52 guys for a few months.  I sure hope this doesn't turn out like Gonzalez's injury did last year, where they kept him on the roster all year, only to IR him in December.  A healthy Sanders in the Playoffs sure would be a welcome site, as well as a nice deja vu from 2006.